Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

„The shortest connection between two points is a straight line.“

Processing of material

Take advantage of tie-in sales – you will save money.

Offer us your scrap aluminium. We will use it for the production of alloys that you ordered. You will save time, labour and money.

In addition, you will also support the environment because thanks to you the scrap metal does not end up in landfills or worse, littering somewhere in the countryside. Recycling of metals is also very beneficial from the economic standpoint.

We will buy your excess scrap metal from you, remove it and store it in our warehouse. Then, batch materials are treated – specifically sorted, cut, pressed and treated – thanks to which this material is prepared for further use, i.e. for the production of alloys. Finally, everything is checked, packaged and sent as you ordered.

We are the largest manufacturer of aluminium casting alloys in the Czech Republic. The advanced technology of melting in a salt bath while using the most modern production facilities controlled by computer technology together with professional staff is a guarantee of high-quality production.

  • Production capacity: 50,000 tonnes per year
  • According to standards: EN, DIN and customer specifications
  • Form of deliveries:
  • Blocks weighing 6kg, length: 600 mm.
  • Packed in bundles or double-bundles weighing 500 – 1,000 kg.
  • Tied with steel, plastic or aluminium tape.
  • Can be handled with a forklift.
  • Liquid Al according to individual technical and commercial terms and conditions agreed with the customer.


Specifications of alloys:

226 A   EN AC 46 200 / Al Si 8 Cu 3
226 D EN AC 46 000 / Al Si 9 Cu 3 (Fe)
231 A EN AC 47 000 / Al Si 12 Cu
231 D EN AC 47 100 / Al Si 12 Cu 1 (Fe)
230 A EN AC 44 200 / Al Si 12
230 D EN AC 44 300 / Al Si 12 (Fe)
233 EN AC 43 200 / Al Si 10 Mg (Cu)
239 A EN AC 43 000 / Al Si 10 Mg
239 D EN AC 43 400 / Al Si 10 Mg (Fe)
260 EN AC 48 000 / Al Si 12 Cu Ni Mg

Determination of purchase prices:
  • spot prices
  • formula prices
  • LME + premium
  • WVM – rebate

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